Dental Cleaning

There are many different types of cleanings performed by our Hygiene staff.

Prophylaxis – The polishing of teeth with light tartar removal. This is appropriate for a patient with minimal dental needs and in good dental health.

Periodontal Maintenance or Periodontal Prophylaxis – The polishing, scaling and light deep cleaning of a patient, who may have, or are prone to heavy tartar build up. Our hygienists might recommend that patients have three or four month appointments scheduled for cleanings for this reason, or those who have had a history of gum problems.

Deep Cleanings/Scaling and Root Planning – This is an intensive cleaning under local anesthesia (if necessary) to remove tartar and toxins from root surfaces. Those patients with heavy tartar and plaque buildup, as well as the presence of bleeding and inflamed gums, with a history of not having had regular dental cleanings, usually require this type of treatment. This treatment is the beginning of nonsurgical therapy for periodontal disease.

Irrigation – Also known as the washing of the root surface and inside of the gums with an antibacterial agent to kill bacteria that causes periodontal disease.