Tooth Extractions


What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure performed to remove teeth from the bone socket.

When tooth extraction is required?

A broken tooth can usually be repaired with a filling, a crown or another form of treatment. In cases when it cannot be repaired, the tooth needs to be extracted. It can also need to be removed when it is becoming very loose.


Other reasons for tooth extraction are the following:


• An extra tooth blocking other teeth

• When getting braces, there may a need to make some room for the teeth moved in place

• Wisdom Teeth or third molars are often removed before or after they come in. In most of the cases they appear in late teens or early 20s. Wisdom Teeth are extracted when they cause pain or infection or if they are decayed. They sometimes get stuck in the jaw and cause gum irritation, swelling and pain.


What is the difference between a surgical tooth extraction and a tooth extraction?

A Surgical tooth extraction is required when there can be some complications such as extensive decay causing the tooth breaking off at the gum line. In that situation, it is more difficult to remove the root tips. Other difficult situation can be caused by curved roots, making the tooth removal from the socket more complicated. Sometimes the dentist needs to cut the tooth and remove it in parts, especially in case of bony involvement. An infection can also qualify the tooth to be removed in a surgical way as it makes it difficult to get the area numb, and the bleeding will be more intense.